Story of the founder:

It all started back in 1993 when She was a student and started working for a tour company. She was encouraged initially by an American author Cathleen Cox, to lead tours in the field, which was pretty unusual at the time. Incidentally that made her the only female tour leader in Pakistan till she immigrated to Canada in year 2000. She was a student of history, journalism, law and later business management. Along the way, she broke many stereotypes.

Humaira Khan is a lifelong explorer, educator and passionate advocate for the stories and people often left unheard and unseen. Her years as a globetrotting reporter, coordinator and tour manager have nurtured a sharp eye and deep appreciation for the universality of the human condition. From the remotest villages in Southeast Asia, to the bustling streets of Europe, North America and the Middle East, Humaira’s fearless nature, empathy and professionalism have proven invaluable in breaking down cultural barriers and connecting people from all walks of life. With Compassion. Kindess. And a genuine sense of gratitude and wonder.

Humaira brings complex social issues and the beautiful intricacies of the human spirit to the fore through her storytelling. Currently, she is conducting two tv series “Voice of Women” chronicling the lives and challenges of women conquering the odds, and “Point of View” addressing the taboo social issues and brainstorming their solutions. She has been deeply involved with the settlement and sponsorship of refugees in Canada. She’s an advocate for the education for all especially in remotest areas of developing nations.

She’s the vision behind “ExplorEast Tours n Treks” reconnecting people with their roots and bringing people together of different faiths, colours and cultures.
She’s a true believer of Responsible Tourism and giving back to the local communities.