This is to confirm that Ms. Humaira Khan worked as production manager of the SWR- production “Games of the world – Wild Polo”. This production is part of a 26-episode series for the German and European TV-market. The film aims to show that in Pakistan this very old game is still played like it was centuries ago: without rules, demanding for both horses and riders, the original polo of a tong tradition.

As production manager of this film, Ms. Humaira Khan was great help to us. She planned all travels within Pakistan, provided all necessary permits, translated and guided our tour in a very friendly and competent way. Her knowledge of Pakistan (and Indian) history is profound. Also she was able to tell us a lot about the different religions of the subcontinent. 

She had quite the feeling and the specific knowledge of the things international film crews need.

Let me first introduce myself briefly. Being an anthropologist regularly visiting Pakistan since 20 years and working since about the same period in one of the biggest museums of its kind in the world, I had the opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life. From time to time I have conducted guided study tours to Pakistan, India, Turkey and elsewhere. On a recent Silk Road tour (2-20 Sept. 1999, between 2-9 in Pakistan; 18 participants) for our association of the friends and donors of our museum, I had the pleasure to meet Miss. Humaira Khan as our local guide on behalf of the Pakistani tour operator.

Ms. Khan proved to be a very responsible and efficient person showing a remarkable versatility in many fields of interest ranging from history, languages, religion and arts to tourism management and business. Her most sympathetic attitude won her the hearts of all members of our tour.

I have rarely come across a young person whom I could more seriously recommend than Miss. Humaira Khan!

Dr. Jürgen Wasim FREMBGEN, M.A
Oriental Department
State Museum of Anthropology Munich
Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Munich

It is with great pleasure that I confirm having enjoyed the services of MS. HUMAIRA KHAN on a Silk Road Trip with Mountain Travel/Sobek in September of 1995.

We were group of 20, and were met by two mini-buses chartered for our trip by Hindus Guides of Lahore. Ms. Humaira Khan was in charge of our group, directing the two drivers, and was also the very knowledgeable guide on our bus. Her attention to detail, her detailed knowledge of Pakistan’s History, together with her very obvious dedication and love for her country, made this trip very meaningful and memorable for all tour members.

Ms. Humaira Khan exudes great capability in managing people and situations.

Whatever Ms. Khan’s future plans include, I know she will apply herself to her very best ability.

Brigitta W. Ammann, CTC
President. Gen. Mgr.


I am formerly the Chairman Of Brenco, Incorporated, a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings for railway freight cars. In September 1996, shortly after I retired, I traveled with a group organized by Mountain Travel, an American tour company, on a trip that retraced the ancient Silk Route, beginning in Xian, to the western part of China and then southward into Pakistan. We were about 10 days in Pakistan and Humaira Khan was our tour leader and guide during that part of our trip.

I was most impressed with Ms. Khan, who is of very high intelligence and is extremely well educated. At the time, I believe she was studying both history and business administration. She was not only an excellent guide, knowledgeable about all the northern parts of Pakistan we visited, but also well informed of the country’s history, customs, and business activities.

Ms. Khan is personable, works well with people, and managed our diverse group of over twenty people very effectively. She clearly has managerial skills that could be translated into a business environment. I would highly recommend her for any position that would require a high degree of intelligence, personal initiative, organizational skills and managerial responsibilities.

Needham B. Whitfield
Midlothian, Virginia, USA